About us

Kristiine shopping centre is one of the largest in Estonia. This is a modern complex, where fashion meets entertainment.

The largest tenants of Kristiine are such well-known brands as Reserved, H & M, Rademar, Sportland, JYSK, Prisma, Apollo and many others. The first entertainment complex in the Baltic countries opened in 2018 at Kristiine shopping centre with the O'Learys sports bar, bowling alley and a cinema.

Now shopping centre is under a large construction work, which is planned to be completed by the autumn of 2019. Kristiine Shopping Centre will be fully renovated both from the inside and outside, as well as a brand new dining area called "Kristiine Road" will be open.

Kristiine shopping centre was opened in 1999. The building was first expanded during the renovation in 2002, resulting in 17,000 square meters of new space. Later, in 2010, the area of the shopping centre increased by another 13,600 square meters. In 2012 Kristiine Shopping Centre was bought by an estate trading company Citycon. There are approximately 125 stores on 43,700 square meters of commercial space. There are 110 different fashion stores and 15 excellent dining outlets in Kristiine. Approximately 20,000 people visiting Kristiine shopping centre every day. The centre has an outdoor, indoor and roof parking.