About Us

About Us

Kristiine Centre is one of the largest shopping centers in Estonia. For over 20 years, the center has provided a diverse range of goods and services, bringing together both preferred consumer stores and entertainment options. It stands as a modern hub where fashion meets with entertainment.

Among the center's most well-known and biggest anchor tenants are Reserved, H&M, Rademar, Sportland, JYSK, Prisma, New Yorker, Apollo, O'Learys entertainment center, and many others. In the beginning of 2023, Kristiine center opened a nearly 2,000 m2 MyFitness sports club, providing Estonia's unique Fusion Pilates Studio and a distinctive concept-based boxing studio.

Completing its renovation phase in the fall of 2019, Kristiine Center received a comprehensive interior and exterior makeover, along with the addition of a new dining area named Kristiine Road.

Kristiine Centre was opened in 1999. The building was first expanded during the renovation in 2002, resulting in 17,000 square meters of new space. Later, in 2010, the area of the shopping centre increased by another 13,600 square meters. In 2012 Kristiine Centre was bought by a real estate company Citycon.

There are approximately 130 stores on 44,000 square meters of commercial space. There are 110 different fashion stores and 14 excellent dining places in Kristiine. Approximately 20,000 people are visiting Kristiine Centre every day. The centre has an outdoor, indoor and rooftop parking area. Located on one of the main roads close to the city centre, Kristiine is in the heart of transport connectiosn and very easily accessible by foot, public transportation or car.