How to Find Us


Kristiine Keskus OÜ
Endla 45, Tallinn 10615
Information: +372 6659 345


Bus / Trollbus 

Stop Taksopark
Bus: 16, 17, 17A, 21, 21B, 23, 24, 24A, 32, 42, 48, 72
Trollbus: 3, 4
Stop Koskla
Bus: 24, 24A, 72
Trollbus: 3

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Stop Taksopark

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Kristiine's mall car park is open from 7:45am till 11pm, street car park is open from 7am till 11pm. Shopping centre visitors are allowed to park in car park for no more than 4 hours. More about car park.

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Stop Lilleküla
Tallinn – Paldiski
Tallinn – Riisipere – Turba
Tallinn – Kloogaranna
Tallinn – Keila
Tallinn – Pääsküla

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Kristiine Shopping Centre is easily accessible by bicycle. See a map of Tallinn's bike paths!
There are bicycle parking spaces at the front and rear entrances to the mall.
In addition, the Bikeep Smart Bicycle Parking is located at the main entrance. More information:"


The official taxis of the Kristiine shopping centre are Tallink Takso (tel. 1921) and Tulika Takso (tel. 1200). Before using the service, ask your taxi driver for the approximate cost of the trip. The approximate price from the Kristiine shopping centre to the port is about 8 € and to the city centre about 5 €.